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Kitchener Spa

Posted on 17. Sep, 2010 by in Kitchener Spas

Kitchener Spa


Mythos Spa and Salon
Your own little piece of heaven at Mythos Spa & Salon. A Grecian inspired sanctuary located in the heart of the Stanley Park area in Kitchener.

Ku’r Salon and Spa
Ku’r is a full service Salon and Spa in Kitchener servicing the tri-cities.

Capri Salon and Spa
Waterloo, On, Canada, proudly serves the hair and skin care needs of men and women in southwestern Ontario

Pino’s Salon and Spa
Kitchener Waterloo hair salon

Aphrodite Spas
Aphrodite Spa provides you with a serene environment to improve your physical and mental well being, offering you rest, relaxation and ultimate pampering.

Sanctuary Day Spa
Since 1999, Sanctuary Day Spas has provided elegant retreats for women and men seeking to bring harmony and well-being to their busy lives through relaxation and renewal.

Urban Body Health Spa
Utilizing therapies which revive skin, Urban Body Health Spa is dedicated to the overall health and well-being of our clients.

Soloi Studio Spa
At Solio studio spa we are a team of professionals dedicated to providing our clients superior customer service. We share a common goal making your look good and feel better.

Total Wellbeing Medical Spa
As you re-energize yourself with our special teas, close your eyes and allow us to release tension and revitalize your body and your soul with our unique treatments.

Waterloo Hair

Posted on 26. Apr, 2011 by in Waterloo Hair

Although their is a friendly rivalry, it is hard to mention Kitchener without also mentioning Waterloo. Waterloo, our neighbour and fellow Tri-Cities member also has some great hair stylists and hair dressers. Waterloo hairstyling is well represented with a number of long established venues, meshing with new and exciting shops.

In general, Waterloo, home of RIM (makers of Blackberrys) and University of Waterloo is a different demographic than Kitchener. Waterloo is probably a younger more tech savvy, current generation type of city. Kitchener a little older, and more blue collar. That said, both of them share a good reputation for hairstyle. Just like in Kitchener, Waterloo hair stylists can hold their own with any in the country.

Hair salons like: Element kind of mirror the demographic of Waterloo.  The salon is hip and trendy, but still backed by years and years of experience. It is amazing that you are in the hands of people with years and years of experience but the salon still has a really hip and young feel to it.  I know many of my friends at University there swore by this place, and I have to assume that is at least in part to the great atmosphere.

Living in Waterloo is a great joy for many people, I hope they all realize you don’t have to leave the city for a great hair cut.

Kitchener Salons

Posted on 26. Apr, 2011 by in Kitchener Hair

Last post, we talked about one of Kitchener’s most prestigious salons: Artline. This is an award winning studio, that is really advancing hair styling and salons in our area. That is far from the only great Kitchener salon though, here is a list of my favorite Kitchener Salons.

I have chosen these ones based on how good the hair style was, price and general atmosphere of the salon.

Bamboo Salon – This is a fair priced salon with a great atmosphere. It is clean and bright, kind of feels like an art studio, but much friendlier.  There are no spa facilities here, but for a straight up hair cut it is a great choice.

De Ja Vu Salon and Spa – Located not far off of lancaster (on Guelph Rd.) the De Ja Vu salon is a convenient and easy location to find. I love the couples massage as well, and at $166 dolars it is fairly priced.

Ku’r Salon and Spa – One of the most beautiful salons/spas in the city.  It is a very modern decor that makes you feel like you are in the lap of luxury. The spa journey pedicure is not to be missed.  It is worth every penny. The hair cuts and styles are not economy priced, but they are fair.

Artline – Simply one of the best salons in the province.  They have the awards to prove it. This is a great hair studio and I could gush about them forever but it is probably easier just to show you a video:

Mythos Spa and Salon – Mythos spa and salon is one of the more beautiful salons in the city. One of Mythos main selling points is the customer service they have top notch customer service and if you are interested in Kitchener Salons this one should be near the top of your list.

Capri Salon and Spa – Another of the salon/spa combos that I love.  I always say why not make a day, or at least a half day out of a hair cut. Capri is a beautiful salon with a unique (at least locally) pricing structure.  You will actually pay more or less depending on which level of experience the hair dresser has.  If you can catch some exciting “New Talent” who is on their way to the top, you can get an amazing deal on your style.

Remember if you would like to save 10% at any of these salons (or others), follow the images on the site.  Makes great gifts for the girlfriend.

Salons in Kitchener

Posted on 26. Apr, 2011 by in Kitchener Hair

Kitchener is also home to some of Ontario, Canada’s finest salons.

If you live in Kitchener and think you have to go across the border, or to Toronto to get a great hair style, then you are crazy.  There is no two ways about it.  salons in Kitchener rival anywhere in all of Canada.  The selection south of the border or in Toronto may be wider, but when it comes to the cream of the crop, Kitchener’s best stack up with the best anywhere.

This isn’t just hype or bluster either, for example, the Artline Salon in Kitchener is award winning. Two stylists from that salon recently brought home a silver and bronze from the Allied Beauty Association awards in Toronto.  Proving, that salons in Kitchener are elite.

With cutting edge salons like Artline, taking Kitchener salons to new heights of success, the future of hairstyle in Kitchener seems bright.

Hair Kitchener

Posted on 26. Apr, 2011 by in Kitchener Hair

Are you in need of a killer hair style?

Do you need to nail a job interview?  is it your special day?  Maybe you just want to make an ex eat their heart out?

Whatever your reason, all of your hair needs can be met close to home, right here in Kitchener.  While Kitchener enjoys a small town friendliness, it is easily big enough to have all of the amenities a person would ever need.  Hair styling and hair dressing are no exception.  Kitchener has a wonderful array of stylists and barbers that can get you ready for any event.

One of the best ways to pamper your hair in Kitchener is to visit a day spa that also includes a salon. This way you can get the hair style you want, and also enjoy some pampering.  Who doesn’t need some “me” time?  Kitchener has a high number of great quality spa/salon combos that make for the perfect girls day out.

Some popular Spas and Salons for hair in Kitchener are:

If you are interested in these spas, don’t forget you can get great deals on them (and way more spas in the area) by following one of the ads on this page.

Spas In Kitchener

Posted on 26. Apr, 2011 by in Kitchener Spas

Kitchener is a southern Ontario city with a rich history.

Kitchener has a history of German Immigration, that dates back to when the city was known as Berlin.

This European heritage is still felt today in some of the architectural aspects around the city.  It is also  found in the salons and spas in Kitchener.  Many of these spas and salons, have a luxurious old-world European feel.  It isn’t limited to just German aesthetics either, Kitchener has spas the represent different areas of Europe as well.  For example, Mythos, is a Greek inspired spa, that will have you feeling like a God or Goddess!

The Spas in Kitchener make up some of Ontario’s most interesting and luxurious day long getaways.  If you are thinking of visiting Kitchener, or are lucky enough to live here – please consider a relaxing and luxurious trip to one of our many high quality spas.